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Mike helped me over many years through a nasty divorce with a lot of assets, then helped me adopt and gain full custody of my stepchildren in a subsequent marriage, and has helped several of my friends in their custody disputes.


His knowledge of the law and most importantly, the judges overseeing the cases in Nevada is second to none.


Not only is he a brilliant lawyer and absolute hawk in deposition/interrogation situations, but he is a genuinely good person who will always be a straight shooter. He doesn't sugar coat things to steal your money like most family lawyers. He always has the best interest of his clients at heart and will fight diligently and intelligently for your side.


Highly recommended!




Hired him to handle out of state child custody case and he was prompt with his communications and made it so I didn't have to travel several times to court. I had hired two attorneys in Las Vegas previously who had not been able to conclude the case in a reasonable fashion. He did the complete opposite and I had it all resolved within the year. I would recommend him to anyone who is seeking a family lawyer that gets down to business. My children are much happier after our case was finalized and I am so thankful for his help.


When picking a Lawyer make sure it is someone you will be able to work with for a long period of time. I am going on 4 years with Mike and I feel I made the right choice. Mike is excellent at getting things done for me and in court. He has always guided me the right way so far. I hate court and for the most part Mike is able to solve issues between lawyers and keep us out of court. I email him all hours and he gives me great advice to calm me down. Don't go through this nightmare alone pick someone you like and will be able to be yourself with.




Mike was my attorney for our divorce 4 years ago and continues to be the person I turn to whenever we end up back in court again (which has been several times). It was unfortunately a long, highly contested divorce which included disputes regarding the care of a special needs child. Mike took the time to understand the issues and has been a great support and advocate for both myself and the children. It is reassuring to have someone who remembers all of the important details. Mike has the experience to be able to sift thru the mountains of information to determine what is important to present to the court. Mike's documents are well written and he is able to articulate well in the courtroom- both aspects you need to have your position prevail.


Mike is highly recommended- thanks for all the years of assistance and support!




I am beyond thankful for Michael's guidance and support throughout my difficult divorce/custody issues. He was compassionate, level headed, and genuine each time I sought his help. Throughout these trying times, Michael and his office kept me fully informed on the progress of my case. He responded to my emails, returned my phones calls, and his advice on issues ranging from custody to child support were always spot on. Without fail, Michael has successfully fought for me and my children's best interest both inside and outside the courtroom. As such, It is without reservation that I recommend Michael Carman.




I have relied on the legal expertise of Mike Carman throughout the years. He is very knowledgeable in family law and has always had my best interests in mind. His straight forward nature prepared me for all possible scenarios of a given situation and, most times, the outcome of a court decision was just as he predicted. He and his staff always made themselves available to me when needed and responded in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend using him and have referred many of my family and friends.




I came into Mr. Carman's office with a circus show of a child custody case, that without proper legal counsel at the beginning, was certainly pushing me into a rather nasty corner. Mike, and his team, were not only able to grab hold of the reigns, and steer my case back on track, but able to do so in a way that made the case go smoothly as with as little stress as possible. It is a true wonder to behold when someone is truly in there element, and i have witnessed this time and time again during Mr. Carman's representation of my case. 5 out of 5, and a firm recommendation to anyone considering his retention, you will be glad you did.




Mike Carman is the best. I retained him for a child custody matter because my son was missing school. He kept to the realm of the possible with my case, the opposing side, and the judge. In the end my son was back in school and the case was fairly decided. I highly recommend Mr. Carman and I would absolutely hire him again!




I had a difficult divorce/custody back in 2009-2010 and after a poor choice for my first law firm I was referred to Kunin Carman. Michael was my attorney and he was a blessing. I was clearly told the process and what would happen. With much prayer, faith and hard work from he and his firm, the result was a very favorable one. On many occasions I have recommended him and his firm to other people when they hear of how my case was handled and its outcome.




Michael is an awesome family attorney.I was in a desperate state after being told that my Ex was planning to relocate out of state with our children.


From the moment I met with Michael I had the confidence that if anyone could help me it would be him.

We were embroiled in a lengthy battle however I never doubted his resolve and ability to get me a just outcome.He won the case and the outcome has been tremendous for my children.


I have since recommended him to several of my friends and would vouch for him in any situation involving a complex family issue.




At the time of my initial consultation with Michael regarding my pending divorce, I had already been blindsided by my wife's attorney. No fault of her own, this is the way other attorneys in "family" practice proceed which causes amazing grief and of course more billable hours. Michael took me through the procedure on what we would do from beginning through end. The rational step by step information I received coupled with Michael’s quiet and reassuring demeanor allowed me to sleep that evening for the 1st time in weeks. He made contact with his forensic accounting professional which was accepted by opposing consul to evaluate my business correctly and fairly to prevent opposing consul from making outlandish requests. He also called opposing consul directly to put a stop to unneeded and additional depositions and disclosures. Michael’s handling of my situation was swift, timely and comprehensive. The result was fair to my wife, kept me from losing everything and saved me from escalating costs brought on by my wife's attorney. I have referred Michael and the firm several times over the last 7 years with a thanks for that recommendation each time. It is a difficult time for everyone in a divorce or family crisis and it is great to find that port in the storm. Michael Carman was that port in the storm for me and I am eternally grateful for his wisdom, ability and compassion.




Not only did Mr. Carman advise me throughout my divorce proceedings, he also helped me win custody of my children. He and his staff are always available and have your best interest at heart. I will absolutely continue to use his services should I need them again. Thank you for everything!




From consultation to becoming a client and then to finalizing my divorce, Michael and team were always available for any questions or concerns. They genuinely seemed to have my best interest come first and kept everything moving at a quick pace regardless. It was reassuring to work with this group while going though a life changing event.




Mr. Carman spent time with me both by phone and in person about the possibility's if my case. He was very patient, intelligent and professional. Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure I was always aware of the details of my case. I would hire him again and recommend him to anyone who is need of a great representation. Michael shows real commitment to his cases and clients. I had several attorneys prior to Michael. None even came close to having the legal knowledge regarding family law like Michael. I


Highly recommend!!!



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